Janine & Suzelle
Davin Sport Trust

is a registered Namibian charity organization
with its main focus on providing financial assistance
to top junior Namibian sports men and women.
Live your dream!

Janine & Suzelle
Davin Sport Trust

“Suzelle and Janine’s legacy will and must continue
to inspire young Namibian athletes to follow their dreams
of achieving excellence in sport.”
Message of condolences - John Mutorwa - Minister (14 Dec 2006)

Janine & Suzelle
Davin Sport Trust

“Janine and Suzelle brought energy, charisma, passion and talent
to Namibiam Hockey and Tennis and will be deeply missed by their fellow athletes,
coaches and the Namibian Sporting community at large.”
Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture

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Janine & Suzelle Davin Sport Trust
Windhoek High School grounds,

C/o Sam Nujoma /Robert Mugabe Ave.

Telephone: H. Davin +264 81 1284240

E-mail: herman@gfare.com.na

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/davinsportstrust

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